Does your business need more visibility and market engagement?

Blackbird will add value.

As a strategic business partner, Blackbird’s team of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire based PR and content marketing associates brings massive experience and expertise to client partnerships, which delivers tangible results.

We build awareness and respected reputations through cost-effective PR and content marketing activity, that generates commercial opportunities. Blackbird supports clients across a number of industries, including: automotive; aviation; construction; engineering; manufacturing and logistics.

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Defining ‘PR’

Public relations is the discipline of building and managing reputation with the objective of earning customer trust and influencing positive engagement, which creates value and goodwill for a business brand. It’s an ongoing process of focused communication activity that’s aimed at delivering a commercial return on investment.

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PR is a vital business tool

Successful businesses are built on their reputation, so PR is a vital tool that offers more ‘bang for your buck’ than other forms of marketing. That’s because strong, newsworthy content generates exposure, credibility and brand advocates on social media, which money can’t buy.

Why Blackbird?

Blackbird is a virtual B2B focused PR agency that brings more than 60 years of PR and communications experience to client partnerships. Our cost-efficient business model enables associates to work collaboratively from home-based PR offices in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. This means that our clients only pay for our expert service without funding the overheads of a traditional consultancy.


Our team of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire based PR agency associates has worked in senior communication and marketing roles both in-house and within agencies. As we’ve been on both sides of the fence, our team has amassed significant experience and is adept at managing commercial relationships. Our clients tap into years of insight, knowledge and expertise and the Blackbird team brings objective strategic counsel to client partnerships.


At Blackbird, we genuinely believe that clients prefer working with freelance PR professionals, due to our dedication and responsiveness. Our virtual PR agency model means that we can spend more time getting to know your business intimately, so we become a strategic business partner, not just a service provider.

As we operate a virtual network, Blackbird can deliver any scale of project. We can bring in experienced specialists with a range of skills, from design to video to web. We manage everything, so clients have a single point of contact.

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Blackbird has built a successful client portfolio based on its primary objective of adding business value. We do not have a fancy London office. Our virtual business model is focused on delivering a return on investment for our clients. We employ digital communication platforms and media databases in our work, which we invest in ourselves. Clients pay for our expertise and delivery, not overheads, which provides a very compelling proposition to companies looking for an outsourced solution to their PR and content marketing requirements.